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About us

How we Started

Scrap Iron Express was founded 30 years ago with our parents, Greg and Sheryl DeVos.  It started with a skid that was built to be pulled by farm tractors and pickups.

As Devin and Derek got older and more involved in the pulls, we added two more skids that would be pulled by antique tractors, 4-wheelers, and lawn mowers.

Our family was having so much fun with the business that we decided to get into the pedal pulling business and named ours "The Little Scrapper!"

We are currently able to accommodate kids ages 4 - 11 and all ability levels.  The joy we see on the faces of those who participate is priceless.

Last summer, we sold our skids for the tractor pulls, and now do pedal pulls full time!


Pedal Pulls

A Pedal Tractor Pull is an event that has a magical effect on children and families. Years ago it would be a large pedal toy tractor hooked to a block or skid with a pile of weight on it. the idea has always been to pull it the farthest.

This answer is ever changing as we have opened the door to the many possibilities it can present. We are the crest of a new age of pulling honoring its roots yet finding ways to fit the needs of the modern family or sponsor. We can run the normal pull with the exciting competition or give you open pulling to cover hours during and event - and maybe finish with a sanctioned pull as a culminating activity. We understand that good enough is not the standard and that is why we keep searching for more and better ways to bring children into this activity, that is healthy, full of character and great entertainment. Let us design the activity to fit your thoughts.

Today the pedal tractor is modified. What does that mean? It has been beefed up to take the pounding of today's youngsters. Real bearings, heavy axles, structural reinforcement, and other strengthening. The most exciting newer improvement has been the strong stretching of tractors to handle the taller kids of today. 

The next piece is the sled. Yes a sled that acts like the huge sleds used by pulling contests for real tractors and trucks.  This is a weight transfer sled which means the weight in the box moves up the sled from back to front increasing the down force making it feel heavier.

The modified pedal tractor is hooked to a weight transfer sled provides the core to the excitement. The child pedals the tractor and sled as far as they can, with the longest pull winning the event. Watch the video below to get a taste of the fun.


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